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Automatic Fuel Nozzles & Auto Shut Off Diesel Nozzles CTS

Automatic fuel nozzles are a more convenient, cleaner alternative to the cheaper manual nozzle options. They automatically shut off when the vehicle/machinery tank being filled is full, preventing too much fuel from being dispensed and an overflow situation from occurring. Dispense Guns & Meters - Dispensers for Motor Oils, DEF Designed to Handle a Variety of Materials. Our line of oil guns handle a wide variety of materials including petroleum- and synthetic-based oils as well as antifreeze, gear lube and ATF. Depending on your needs, you can choose meters that deliver a wide range of flow rates and working pressures up to 1,500 PSI (103 bar), which easily handle

High Accuracy 1'Digital Fuel Meter Nozzle Auto Shut off

Brand Name:TORNADOR BLACK. oval metering fuel nozzle is used to measure the volume flow rate of liquid passing through the pipe and suitable for measuring gasoline and kerosend fuel, etc. The meter has advantages as high accuracy and convenient carrying. As long as the measured with drop height of 2-10 meters between the surface and the instrument of medium, it can work normally without any additional Automatic Nozzles - Bulk Fueling OPW Retail FuelingOPW's Automatic Nozzles for Bulk Fueling are for heavy-duty, high-flow truck, bus and home fuel oil delivery service. OPW 1291C Automatic Shut-Off Nozzles OPW 11AF® 3/4" Automatic Nozzles

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