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LNG shouldn't be confused with LPG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas. LNG contains between about 90 and 99 % methane. It is condensed into a liquid by cooling it to about -162 °C at atmospheric pressure. LPG contains mainly propane and butane and turns into a liquid when kept under high pressure. This CNG FUEL SYSTEM PARTS CATALOGreceptacles 04 349504 349955 353863 388863 349698 349499 349503 recpt, ngv1 p36 blkhd 6 fsob recpt, ngv1, p36, 6 msob recpt, transit, p36, 10 fsob recpt, bumper fill, p36, 6mofs dust cap, tn5, cng, iso14469 recpt, ngv1 p36 10 msob recpt, transit p36 10 msob recpt, ngv1, p36, 10 msob dust cap, tn1, cng, ngv1 cng fuel system parts catalog 353866

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NGV1 Receptacles Parker's Heavy Duty CNG Receptacles are capable of flows as high as 5000 scfm. Higher flow decreases the amount of time necessary to fuel larger vehicles, buses, and trucks, getting them back into service more quickly. FMS-6*2 Heavy Duty CNG Fueling Receptacles are compatible with all Heavy Duty CNG fueling nozzles conforming to CryoMac 3 Operation and Maintenance ManualFluid Compatibility:Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Methane Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) Maximum Refueling Pressure:500 PSIG / 34.5 BAR Maximum System Pressure:500 PSIG / 34.5 BAR Burst Pressure:> 1,500 PSIG (103.5 BAR) Rated Flow:50 GPM @ 250 PSIG (LNG) Nozzle Weight:10.4 LBS Port Size:1 Male SAE 37° Flare (SAE J514) (1-5/16 -12 Thread) EUROPEAN COMMISSION DG MOVE - LNG BCGas Stations must not vent to atmosphere in normal conditions CEN/TC 326 Gas supply for Natural Gas Vehicles UNECE Group of experts on Gas (Task Force D) To be developed by CEN TC 326 LNG nozzles and receptacles Couples (nozzle) between the tank and the thermo trailer:Change to dry cryogenic couple (without drips). Specific Swedish working

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Step 24:Open the primary tank (the one with the fill receptacle) vent valve (gray hand wheel). Step 25:Vent the primary tank down to below 150 psi. NOTE The tanks should never be vented below 120 psi. Step 26:Close the primary tank vent valve (gray hand wheel). Step 27:Remove the vent hose. ISO 16924:2016(en), Natural gas fuelling stations ? LNG This document is applicable to fuelling stations receiving LNG and other liquefied methane-rich gases that comply with local applicable gas composition regulation or with the gas quality requirements of ISO 13686. This document includes all equipment from the LNG storage tank filling connection up to the fuelling nozzle on the vehicle. JC Carter LLC LNG Couplings - Rackspace Technologyand is designated as 50E701-1. The quick disconnect single line nozzle is intended for use in NO-VENT (top fill) LNG fuel systems. A key feature of this nozzle is the independent shut-off valve located in the flow path within the nozzle. The operator mates the nozzle 50E701(-1) to the receptacle model 62050 by pushing the two handles forward

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RegO 144" (3,60m) LNG 1" Hose Stainless Steel Connections - CHS-8-514-514-144. Call for Price. + Add to compare. Sold out. LNG FUELING COMPONENTS - REGO EuropeLNG QDV Vent Features: Over 100,000 in service worldwide LNG vent/fill connection, handles both LNG Vent Gas and LNG Liquid. Max internal pressure 300 PSIG/20.7 Bar (while fueling) Max system pressure 550 PSIG/38 Bar (static) Dust cap included 100% pressure tested Part No. 13740-6 Sensor Plug included M36-2, 22.5o angled LNG Tank Refueling Instructions - 15l.service.westportAttach the fuelling nozzle to the truck LNG tank fill receptacle by inserting the nozzle over the It is normal to hear a small hiss of gas as the passage for fuelling is opened. tank pressure venting through the vent stacks attached to the back of the cab. Figure 15:VENT TO ATM valve

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Pressure Build/Reducer ASeries Economizer/Back Pres FRM/FRM2 Pressure Build Type B CO2 Beverage Miscellaneous LNG Combo/PB/Economizer KITS Whisper Fill Lines Vent Lines & Accessories Fill Boxes & Accessories Syrup Tank Accessories CO2 Tank Top Comp EXT Gas Use Comp EXT PB Circuit Bottom Comp External Vap Components Safety Components LNG vehicle gas cylinder, LNG station filling - ECPlazacryogenic back gas joints for LNG. Automobile back gas nozzle LNG vent reclaiming receptacle. Company Profile. Membership:On ECPlaza since 2016 Business Type:Manufacturer:Location:Sichuan, China Product Category:Valves:Main Item / Product:LNG vehicle valve,car seat belt,Dormitory Double Beds,Automobile teaching train LNG:Kwik-Trip Inc. runs both LNG and CNG - Fuel Smarts Sep 12, 2013 · We have 15 natural gas stations, and the cost for each was $750,000 to $1.5 million, with LNG equipment being more expensive. Natural gas fuel is

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When the handles are pulled back to remove the Nozzle, the "center section" reaches a positive stop. This lets contamination into the LNG Receptacle. Safely securely seals the LNG receptac e with an handles both LNG Vent Gas and LNG Liquid Part No. 9551-3 Macro Technologies - LNG Fueling SystemLNG nozzles, breakaway couplings, cryogenic hoses, quick disconnects, vent couplers, receptacles, fueling caps A Complete LNG fueling System:From the Dispenser to the Vehicle Macro Technologies, LLC designs, engineers and manufactures safe, user-friendly, cost effective fueling components for the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vehicle fueling industry .

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