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Eye Drop Filling Machine For Sale - Npoat

Eye Drop Filling Machine. Eye drop liquid filling, stoppering, capping machine is a mature product for eye drop manufacturing. Computer controlled peristaltic pumps conduct measure filling, and the step number of stepping-motor in the pump in set by the micro-processor. It has many functions of auto filling, auto internal stopper feeding and inserting, auto cap feeding and capping. RSG4 Eye Drop Filling And Capping Machine1. RSG4 eye drop filling and capping machine mainly used for eye drop production line. This machine use advanced microcomputer to control peristaltic pumps filling in high accuracy. Technical flow processbottles feeding with sectorial star-wheel4 heads to fillstoppers feeding in 4 trackscaps feeding in 4 tracks, 4 heads for capping.

automatic eye drops filling plugging capping labeling

Filling Plugging Capping machine. This machine is the filling machine in the eye drops liquid filling production line. It is mainly used for the automatic bottle feeding, quantitative filling, tamponade, capping, capping for 15ml eye drops bottles. eye drop bottle filling and capping machine High-Speed and Ex-factory price auto small size bottle double heads paste filling and capping machine can be customized for eye drops US $7150 - $9750 / Unit eye drop bottle filling capping machine High-Speed and Find high-precision, advanced eye drop bottle filling capping machine at that guarantee no entry of foreign materials. These eye drop bottle filling capping machine reinforced structures enhance work safety.

eye drops washing filling stoppering capping machine

Filling machine Description:This eye drops Filling Machine combines mechanical/pneumatic/automatic technology as a new innovation generation of special Machine in Electronic Cigarette Liquid Filling with high automation/rate of finished products/stability and widely adaptability etc. characteristics, so that it is the favor of the numerous eye drop filling stoppering plugging and capping machineThe machine is automatic liquid filling device with PLC, human interface and photo-electricity sensor. This is a rotary type filling, plugging and capping machine. It had advantages of high accuracy, stable performance and greater versatility under extreme operation conditions which enjoys a high prestige. It has been widely applied in areas of pharmaceuticals industry, especially suitable to eye drops filling

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