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steam jacketed tank with scrape surface agitation

Scrape Surface Agitators R-Cap

Scrape Surface Agitators. Vessels fitted agitators which match the bottom and side wall shape and typically fitted with nylon or Teflon type scraper blades which contact the sidewall to remove adjacent to the wall. General agitator configurations offered include Single Motion, Double Motion, Counter Rotating, SweepThis type of agitation is typically used for mixing of high viscosity products and heating or Tank Agitation Options - Koss IndustrialSweep bottom surface only or bottom and sides. Blades do not touch tank walls. Ideal for delicate products. Improved heat transfer. Scraped Surface Tank Agitation. This method is ideal for heat transfer applications because it prevents product burn-on and can significantly reduce heat transfer times. Blades make contact with tank walls.

Used Cooking Vessels Alliance Fluid Handling

Tanks and Vessels. VIEW PRODUCT. 40 ltr Electrical Joni Kettle. VIEW PRODUCT. 500 ltr Giusti Single Skin st/st Tank with side scrape-surface agitator. VIEW PRODUCT. 1,000 ltr Steam Jacketed Vessels with Scrape-Surface Agitators (2 Available) VIEW PRODUCT. 1,550 ltr Fairfield Steam Jacketed Used Kettle Equipment Steam Tilting Lee Kettles for SaleEquipped with bridge mounted scrape surface, double motion, tilt out agitation with dual flip top covers and has a maximum product visacosity of 100,000 cps. 1/2 jacket, with MAWP of 90 psi @ 332 Deg F and MDMT of -20 Deg F @ 90 psi with (2) 2" OD 1-1/2" ID side and bottom threaded jacket in / outlet ports. 3" OD center bottom discharge has flush-bottom ball valve outlet and sanitory tri-clamp with 16" Used Vertical Tanks Alliance Fluid Handling2,200 ltr Websters Steam Jacketed Mixing Vessel with Contra-Rotating Scrape-Surface Agitation VIEW PRODUCT 25Ltr Haagen Rinau Electrically Heated Mixing Tank C/W High Shear Homogeniser

Groen Steam Jacketed Tilting Kettle with Scrape Surface

Jun 07, 2019 · 30-gallon direct steam-heated 2/3 jacketed kettle with 90°+ manual tilting capability. Kettle:23.5 dia x 22 deep. Liner and 4 pouring lip are 316 stainless steel. MAWP 45 psi at 300°F. MDMT -20°F at 45 psi. 2 outlet pipe. Anchor-style scrape surface agitator, ideal for blending batches of various viscosities

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