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container loading heating fast easy operation bitumen tank

China Directly Burner Heating Bitumen Tank (Storage

The tanks are provided with bitumen pumps and unloading pocket so it can be easy used either loading your equipment or being recharged by a transport container. Hot Oil Heating Bitumen Tank Container Bitumen Storage Tank Manufacturer $10,000.00 - $50,000.00/Set ISO Bitumen Transportation ContainersThe Parker ISO 20 Bitumen Container is designed to provide the ideal multi-modal solution for the transportation of bitumen world-wide. Constructed as a standard 20 foot ISO tank container with Lloyd's approval it is suitable for transportation by sea, road and rail and allows a number of containers to be set up to provide a temporary or semi-permanent tank farm on site.

Level and pressure instrumentation for ships

in the cargo tanks of a bitumen tanker Bitumen is transported at temperatures of around 170 °C to 190 °C. The heating is supplied via an array of multi-layered heating tubes mounted on the floor and sides of the tanks. To ensure efficient utilisation of the tanks as well as a safe ship attitude, the levels in the bitumen tanks require accurate Tank Heating Temperature Maintenance On Tank Jan 20, 2021 · Heat Tracing Cables for Tank Heating. Frost Protection For Industrial & Hazardous Areas. In the first of this blog series by Eltherm they will discuss the best electrical trace heating system that will ensure temperature maintenance and freeze prevention for tank heating and containers.. Electrical Heat Tracing made by Eltherm is employed to maintain exact temperatures when WHY USE BITUMEN CONTAINERS?Bitumen containers are an ideal way to safely transport bitumen in a cool state without the need for heat maintenance. A less labour intensive, cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional method of drum transportation, use of bitumen

Flexi Tank ISO Container

This is a specially designed bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature like liquid bitumen/asphalt. It is suitable for all kinds of other chemicals such as:Lignosulfonate and other liquid chemicals with a high loading temperature requirement. These liquid container transportation tanks are sure to make your life easier.

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