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1922 White Motor Company Tanker Truck - Yellowstone

Jul 21, 2016 · 1922 White Motor Company Model 45 5-ton oil truck in the park's museum collection. NPS/YELL 106378. 1922 White Motor Company Model 45 5-ton tank truck, Y.P. Co. 977. Museum Catalog Number YELL 106378. This extremely large vehicle features a 4-cylinder engine, dual rear wheels, and a heavy-duty, tubular radiator. Foton Aumark 5 Ton Tank TruckFoton Aumark 5 Ton Tank Truck. Foton Aumark chassis model BJ1089VEJEA-F3, body 2000mm single-row cab, 6-speed gearbox, 6-ton rear axle, engine Cummins 145 horsepower ISF3.8s5141, 3.76 displacement, 105KW, 7.50R16 steel wire tire, air conditioner, electric glass , Air brake, dynamic rotation, ABS, remote control key, central control lock, cruise control, self-adjusting brake arm, adjustable

Freightliner For Sale - Freightliner Tanker Trucks

1998 FREIGHTLINER, FL70, Heavy Duty Trucks - Tank Trucks - Gasoline / Fuel, Cummins 5.9, Manual, 1998 Freightliner FL70 waste oil recovery truck, cumm Virginia Equipment Distributors - Website Orange, VA - 2,155 mi. away Fuel and Lube Trucks Niece EquipmentThe NFL1000 provides 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, (4) 75 gallon oil product tanks and (1) 100 gallon waste oil tank w/ Balcrank diaphragm pump. This fuel & lube truck also comes standard with 1.5 hydraulically controlled Blackmer fuel pump, 50 gallon DEF tank, and (6) exterior 50 watt work lights. TECHNICAL MANUAL OPERATORS MANUAL FOR Extreme care should be taken when removing surge tank filler cap if temperature gauge reads above 175°F (79°C). TRUCK, 5-TON, 6X6, M939, M939A1, AND M939A2 SERIES TRUCKS (DIESEL) TRUCK MODEL EIC NSN (WO/WINCH) NSN (W/WINCH) Cargo,

5-Ton - Drive A Tank

Take a ride in this military 5 ton truck as it transports you to your Drive A Tank experience. The M939 series 5-ton 6×6 truck is a family of United States military logistical transportation trucks which was designed in the late 1970s and has been in service ever since. About 32,000 M939 series trucks are in service. The M939 series is an improved version of the older M809 Truck series of trucks.

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