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An Engineering Guide to Modern Fuel Systems

Boiler Fuel Pump Selection Table Boiler fuel transfer pump is based on:.3 gallons of #2 fuel consumed per boiler horsepower (BHP) or 30gph per 100BHP Rule of thumbthe transfer rate should be sized at a factor of 1.5 2.0 to provide an acceptable transfer rate Fuel Transfer Pump Oil Pumps Oil Transfer Pumps30 rows · Roto Pumps offers fuel transfer pumps (oil pumps) that are suitable for an entire range of

Fuel Transfer Pumps - Industrial & Marine Pumps & Spare

Due to the wide definition, such pumps can be broken down depending on use and type. Fuel can be classed as any liquid being used to transfer liquid which will be ignited to produce energy and include Kerosene, Petrol, Gasoline, Marine Gas Oil (MGO), HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil), LSFO (Low Sulphur Fuel Oil), and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO).Marine Fuel Pumps for MGO, HFO and LSFO Transfer Page 1 Marine fuel transfer pumps for MGO, HFO and LSFO. Marine fuel pumps are required on board vessels to load fuel oil onto the ship, transfer it from tank to tank once on board and feed it to the engine. Vessel engines and boilers are usually powered by marine gas oil (MGO), heavy fuel oil (HFO) or more recently LSFO (low sulphur fuel oil).

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